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We have used Veteran Movers for 2 moves. Once in the summer in blazing heat and once in the winter with record cold temps. Both times the cheerfulness of the crew was impressive and surprising. Moving is stressful for homeowners and maybe that is why their cheerfulness stands out. They are careful as they handle your stuff, will place it where you’d like and move it to another location if you ask. I can’t say enough about the value and service that Veteran Movers offers. Interesting note-the first time we hired them it was because we had hired another company by a similar (or same, but hijacked?) name off of Craigslist. It was a scam of some sorts and they never showed up. (We weren’t out money, were just happy we had a cushion of time.) When my husband followed up and found the genuine company we were told that that has happened before. So, verify that you have the real Veteran Movers and you won’t be sorry you did.