Moving tips

Moving Tips

Have all your small items boxed up and clearly labeled with contents and the room it will belong in.
We can supply you with Wardrobe (Clothing) boxes on moving day.

Disassemble any items you are comfortable with taking apart before the movers arrive.
We will disassemble and reassemble necessary items on the day of the move. Having them already disassembled saves you time and money.

Make sure parking and elevators are available on moving day. Ensuring that space for parking and elevators are prepared for use in advance saves you time and money.

Pile of moving boxes in empty room. Stage boxes in a garage or in a room near the exit door of your domain. Having all packed boxes in centralized locations saves you time and money.

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Moving can be a stressful affair. Preparing in advance, choosing the right mover and maintaining a positive outlook are by far the best advice we can give you.